Spiritual Companionship Group 2020

​Ernie Tamminga, chair of our Spiritual Formation Ministry Team, ​has been facilitating a Zoom-based group for “presencing” together. This ​isn't ​a discussion group, as such. It ​is a shared space for being present to one another, and present to God, and present together in God. (For those who have participated in a GPC “Crossroads” retreat, you can think of this as a mini-mini-Crossroads.) 

This group has been under way for several ​months, and enrollment is currently closed.
To inquire about possible future openings, contact ernie via email.

The gatherings will be convened (for now) in Zoom, which is available for free for computers and smartphones and “pads”. Each meeting will last about an hour. There will be a guided meditation and spiritual practice such as Centering Prayer, and sometimes a brief “presentation”, and the main portion of our time will be for what someone has called “With-nessing”. Because of the nature of the group, the number of participants has to be limited. ​